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If you could wake up to this view everyday, would the world still seem so stressful?


This is a picture of a waterfall my husband, son and I found on the side of a winding road with mountains on all sides in Tennessee when we were on our way to Ruby Falls in Chatanooga. We were on vacation in Murphy N.C. and taking a day trip to see the caves and came across this as we were driving. On the side of the road is a little pull off point (literally just an extended shoulder) to pull off and take photos. I thought this image was beautiful and relaxing so I wanted to share it with my readers. Enjoy!!

It's A Beautiful Day

Hi all, it is Monday March 10, 2008 and what a glorious day it is today. I feel like I need to take a moment and thank the people that are starting to get us noticed. Thank You for being the first of what I hope grows to many people showing an interest in learning how to manage stress and lose weight too. Since I started this it has been my goal to be able to reach as many people as possible and teach them these life changing skills. You really can change your life and outlook with the right tools and attitude, and I want to help. I really would like to hear from as many of you as possible about what you like and even what you think could use improvement. I really want this to be an interactive site where you can come to get advice or even give it. If you have something that works for you in dealing with stress, then share it, or if you feel overwhelmed and need some encouragement then post it here. Send me a message at jennifer@stress-suppress.com or leave a comment on the blog site. I look forward to growing and making this a successful site where we can create online friendships, support networks, and get words of encouragement when we need them. Let's face it we all need help sometimes dealing with the day to day grind because it's hard to be objective when you have so much on your plate. Even I still get stressed sometimes and I have the knowledge and tools to stop myself from getting to a bad spot. On that note, I am going to say bye for now and go enjoy my beautiful day. I look forward to hearing from you and hope everyone takes the time to see how wonderful you can make your day with a positive attitude and a little know how when dealing with stress. See you tomorrow and until then I will leave you with something I tell myself everyday,[Look Forward Not Back ] .

Mama stress

Every mother out there has stress in their lives just based on the fact that they're raising children and probably working outside the home as well. Whether it is one child or several children, we all feel the pressure. I thought I had a-lot of "mama stress". My son participates in several sports including- football, baseball, and basketball, then there are the workouts twice a week at the sports training center where we take him for conditioning. We literally have some practice or game every night through the week. To make matters more complicated and stressful he is a "tween", all moms know what that is. The in between time where they are not little kids anymore yet they're not teenagers either. I used to think it only applied to girls but now I've come to the conclusion that it is not gender specific. I really am getting a workout with using my stress management skills, his attitude tests me daily. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mommy and I love my life, "It's All Good" as the saying goes, however it can be taxing to constantly feel like you are on the go with very little down time. However I did have an exceptionally nice holiday break this year, it was refreshing to be on a more relaxed schedule for a few days. Now that the holidays are over though it would be easy to get stressed and anxious if I didn't watch it. I really cannot say it enough how much it helps to have a good stress management plan in place to deal with the constant bombardment of stress and angst that comes with being a mom. I practice mine EVERYDAY. You see for me personally (and I talk about this all the time) it's real important to get the right start to the day, I like to sit and clear my head of all negative thoughts and do some deep breathing exercises - they are very relaxing. I also like to do stretching exercises especially the neck and back as that is where I feel the effects of stress the most. If you are a busy mom and find stress affecting you everyday then try some relaxation techniques, there are so many available that you should be able to find one that works for you. Good luck!!!